Sunday, September 1, 2013

Bharatanatyam Postures or Positions | Samapadam, Aramandi, Muzhumandi | Natyakriya Episode 02

The three important positions in Bharatanatyam are -

1. Samapada (समपद)
2. Aramandi  or Ardha Mandalam (अर्ध मंडलम् )
3. Muzhu Mandi. (मुलु मण्डी )

A) Samapadam
A Bharatanatyam dancer begins from the samapada position which is a simple position in which the dancer's feet are facing forward, the body is erect - nether too relaxed nor too firm.

B) AraMandi / Arai Mandi / Ardha Mandalam
I'd say this is THE most important posture amongst the three. "Arai" is a Tamil word which means "Half" and "Mandi" means "to sit". Hence, this is a posture of Half-Sitting. Almost every step in Bharatanatyam will involve the dancer sitting in the Aramandi posture.

- In this posture, the dancer's heels are joined together, the toes of both legs pointed to the opposite direction. A straight line should form from one end of the toe to the other end.
- Then, the dancer squats halfway down, making sure to maintain the feet in same position. When the dancer sits this way, a diamond shape will form between the legs which must be maintained at all times for a good Arai mandi.

C) Muzhu Mandi
"Muzhu" {read: Moo-loo - twist up the tongue while saying "Zhu" (Loo)} - means "FULL". In this posture, the dancer sits down completely, maintaining the same feet positions as in Arai Mandi.

- Join hells and point toes to opposite directions
- Sit down on your toes while still making sure the heels are joined (or as close as possible)
- The thighs have to be stretched out in opposite directions and back erect

These are the three important positions in Bharata Natyam.


Sachin Bhat said...

Superb madam...
Nice attempt to teach bharatanatyam.

sarojini said...

Good initiation..Once u start postiting videos..i may shoot up my daughter too is currently learning the kalakshetra style..

vanitha kannan said...

Thank you so much.....
Its really wonderful....

Love you!

Sree said...

thank you very much... my daughter is 5 and she just started learning and this will be really helpful for me to follow through what she is taught.


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